International Conference on Algebras and Lattices
Prague, 2010

The conferece fee is 2500 CZK (this is about 100 EUR, you can check current exchange rates). The price includes conference costs, coffee breaks, and the Tuesday banquet. Accommodation and lunches are not included.

The fee can be paid either in advance by money transfer, or in cash on the spot (no credit cards). If you book dormitories, both registration fee and accommodation costs have to be paid in advance, and we expect your money to arrive before April 20.

If you choose money transfer, we ask you to include the code assigned to you at the registration, preferably as "Variable Symbol", if your system allows to do so, or in a text message otherwise - it will help us to identify your payment. If you need to order the transfer in your local currency, please use the exchange rate of your bank on the day you make the order. We also ask you to share the transfer costs.

Cancellation policy: Before respective deadlines, you can cancel registration or dormitory request at any time, and we will return you the amount minus bank transfer fees. After respective deadlines, we cannot return any money.

Account number:0200030319/0800
Account owner:Jednota ceskych matematiku a fyziku
IBAN:CZ22 0800 0000 0002 0003 0319
Bank:Ceska sporitelna
Branch:OP Praha Centrum, Praha 8, Sokolovska 1, 186 53 Praha

The organizers may offer a small support for several young mathematicians with lack of support at their home institution. Doctoral students and postdocs from East European countries are particularly encouraged to apply. To do so, submit a proposal explaining your situation, including a short CV and explanation of your financial needs (including total cost of the trip, expected funding from your institution, and the support you request from the organizers) as soon as possible, but not later than April 1, 2010. Awarded participants will be informed by email within few days.

The organizers acknowledge a significant financial support from the ECC Research Center and the MSM0021620839 grant of the Czech Ministry of Education.