Studenti se speciálními potřebami na MFF

Students with special needs - English summary

Study with special needs is quite a complex topic. The complete, Czech version of these webpages is for the moment not fully translated to English. In this summary, we point out just the most important things to know. If you have any other questions (without doubt you have), don't hesitate to contact us and we explain you all details individually.

The Charles University and also our faculty, "Matfyz", makes a lot to help students with special needs to pass through their study succesfully. Regardless of your diagnosis (physical, visual, hearing impairment, dyslexia-dysgraphia, autism, other somatic or mental health issues, or even combined impairments) are quite usual and there are many possibilities to adapt study conditions to your needs. There are various study adaptations for all such cases: prolonged time for examinations, more individual consultations with teachers, psychological counselling in University psychological centre, study assistance, tutoring, electronical study texts, technical aids, etc. Note also that registered students with special needs may apply for the Individual study plan (ISP), which essentially means that you have two years to fulfill duties of one study year. This allows a student to take just a half of the courses every year.

What is necessary to get these adaptations? You must pass an assessment procedure called "Functional diagnostics" with a specialist in special pedagogy. It is necessary to show documents from your previous therapy.

To get the functional diagnostics, please contact any of the special pedagogy specialists listed on this page and ask him/her for an appointment of functional diagnostics.

The result of the functional diagnostics is a document which states what kind of study adaptations you have the right to. You will obtain it in three copies, next step is your visit to the Department of Student Affairs of our faculty ("studijní oddělení"), you bring them one of the copies and ask to be registered as a student with special needs. From this moment on, you have the right to the adaptations. Last step is delivering one copy of the document to the contact person, Dr. Lukáš Krump (see Contacts, only upon appointment) and we can discuss following steps.

In the case you are applying for the study at Matfyz and you have special needs, you note this fact in the application form. Colleagues from the Department of Student Affairs will then contact you and find a way of adaptation of your entrance exams.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!
With best wishes, Lukáš Krump & Kateřina Šauflová