9th Prague Topological Symposium

(August 19 - 25, 2001)

International Conference on General Topology and its Relations to Modern Analysis and Algebra

was organized under the auspices of:
Mathematical Institute of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences,
International Mathematical Union,
in cooperation with:
Department of Mathematics of Prague Institute of Chemical Technology,
Department of Mathematics of University of Economics,
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University .
The organizers:
S. Donaldson, (representative of IMU),
M. Hušek, (chairman),
B. Balcar, (vicechairman),
P. Simon, (secretary),
J. Coufal,
P. Holický,
O. Kalenda
A. Klíč,
J. Pelant,
R. Roháčková (treasurer)
V. Trnková,
Toposym was partly sponsored by International Mathematical Union, by grants of organizers, by Czech Airlines, by Elsevier and by Conforg (A. Kotěšovcová).
The Symposium was attended by 209 mathematicians from 35 countries.
The scientific program consisted of 41 lectures invited by the organizing committee, 103 oral contributions presented in four parallel sections, 14 posters and 9 enlarged abstracts.
Many contributions together with abstracts are published at  Topology Atlas.
The conference took place at an areal of  University of Economics (scientific program)  and of  Prague Institute of Chemical Technology  (accommodation and meals) at the  southern part of Prague.
During the conference, several social and cultural events were organized (welcome and farewell rauts, a sightseeing tour in Prague, an organ concert in a church, guided tours in Prague for accompanying persons, and a wholeday tour to a crystal-glass factory at Nizbor, a classicist castle Kozel near Pilsen with a dinner in a country farm restaurant.

List of participants
            (countries in brackets were selected from addresses given by participants - some names of countries are given in their shorter non-official form)

List of countries
           (see the note to the list of participants)
USA 26
Poland 23
Czech Republic, Mexico 19
Italy 12
United Kingdom 10
Russia 9
Canada 9
Israel, Japan 8
Germany, the Netherlands, Spain,  7
Hungary 6
New Zealand 5
Slovenia 4
France, Greece, Portugal, South Africa 3
Egypt, Latvia, Slovakia 2
Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Iran, Ireland,
Lebanon, Malta, Oman, Sweden, Turkey, Yugoslavia

List of presentations
         (invited talks are bold)
Abd El-Fattah E.-A. Approximation of fractals by finite topological spaces (poster)
Abd El Monsef M.E. On the behavior of pre-generalized closed sets and their generalizations
Acosta G. Problems on continua having unique hyperspace
Ageev S. Topology of the Nöbeling spaces
Andablo Reyes G.G. Ordered embeddings on symmetric products
Arhangel'skii A.V. Topological spaces with some algebraic structure
Balogh Z. Reflection theorems and elementary submodels
Barkhudaryan A. Clones of topological spaces
Bell M. Polyadic spaces of countable tightness
Blaszczyk A. Extension of Vladimirov's theorem
Bosi G., Zuanon M.E. Existence of a sublinear continuous order-preserving function for a noncomplete preorder on a topological vector space
Bouziad A. H-trivial spaces
Bula I. On strict convexity in metric spaces (poster)
Burdick B. On linear cofinal completeness
Burke D. First countable, countably paracompact spaces
Bykov A. On SSDR pro-maps
Cagliari F. Injective topological fibre spaces (poster)
Cao J. Cardinal Invariants of star-covering Properties
Capulín F. Retractions from C(X) onto X and type N-continua
Cascales B. The Lindelöf property in Banach spaces
Cencelj M. Extension of maps to nilpotent spaces
Chaber J. Hereditarily Baire spaces
Charatonik J.J. On self-homeomorphic dendrites
Chatyrko V. On a question of de Groot and Nishiura
Ciesielski K. A generalization of Sperner's lemma
Comfort W. The dual group of a dense subgroup
Contreras-Carreto A. Compactness properties of spaces $C_{p}(X,2)$ and $C_{p}(X,Z)$.
Costantini C. Consistent examples about extensions of continuous functions.
Császár Á. Rarophile spaces (poster)
van Dam B. The construction method of resolutions
David E. Ideals of quasi-ordered sets
Dijkstra J. On the structure of $n$-point sets
Dikranjan D. The Bohr topology can measure Boolean subgroups
Di Maio G. Uniformizable and metrizable Delta-U proximal topologies (poster)
Duda E. Chainable subcontinua (enlarged abstract)
Elekés M. Linearly ordered sets of continuous and Baire 1 functions
Ergun H.N. On weak $\overline\theta$-refinability
Farah I. Powers of Čech-Stone compactifications
Fremlin D.H. Topological measure spaces
Gartside P. Relative properties
Geschke S. Cardinal invariants of the continuum related to convex geometry
Glasner E. Universal minimal dynamical systems
Godefroy G. Some recent progress in the topology of Banach spaces
Good C. Whether monotonically countably paracompact spaces are collectionwise Hausdorff depends on whether you have one or two measurable cardinals
Gorak R. Spaces u-equivalent to the n-disk.
Gorelic I. Partial orders with singular cofinalities
Gormley M.K. The embeddability ordering and order--resolutions (poster)
Greenwood S. Ideal reflections
Gregori V. On completion of fuzzy metric spaces
Grispolakis J. On the existence of periodic cycles on the boundary of a Siegel disc (enlarged abstract)
Gruenhage G. Recent developments in generalized metric spaces
Gul'ko A.S. Free rectifiable spaces
Gusso R. Large and small sets with respect to homomorphisms and products of groups (enlarged abstract)
Gutev V. Subdividing and generating embedding-like properties
Gutierres G. Is R a sequential space?
Hart K.P. Algebraic and logical aspects of hereditary indecomposability
Hattori Y. Special metrics
Heath R. Continuity of addition on some ccc liniarly ordered spaces and related spaces
Henriksen M. Spaces X in which all prime z-ideal of C(X) are minimal or maximal
Herrera D. Hyperspaces of dendrites
Hindman N. Recent progress in the theory of topological semigroups and the algebra of $\beta S$
Höhle U. A remark on the hypergraph functor
Hofmann D. Lax algebras
Holá L. Spaces of densely continuous forms, usco and minimal usco maps
Holický P. On the sets with small sections over nonseparable spaces
Hrušák M. How much $\diamondsuit$ does your construction require?
Iliadis S. A dimension-like function of type Ind
Illanes A. Size levels
Itzkowitz G. Balance, functional balance, and discrete balance In topological groups
Jafari S. $\theta$-c--semiopen sets and associated mappings (enlarged abstract)
Juhász I. Characterizing continuity by preserving compactness and connectedness
Junnila H.J.K. On function spaces
Kalenda O. On the class of continuous images of Valdivia compacta
Kombarov A. Normality-type properties and functors (enlarged abstract)
Komisarski A. Descriptive set-theoretic properties of the isomorphism relation between Banach spaces
Kovár M. Problem 540 is (almost) solved
Kozlov K.L. The maximal G-compactifications as completions
Kraszewski J. Properties of ideals on the generalized Cantor spaces
Krawczyk A. Ordering of itineraries
Kruml D. On simple and semisimple quantales
Krupski P. Continuous means on solenoids
Krzeminska I. Uniform continuum-chainability and Whitney levels
Krzempek J. An approach to covering dimension of maps
Kubis W. On cardinalities of cliques in Borel non-convex sets
Kunen K. Ultrafilters and Matrices
Künzi H.-P. Quasi-uniformities on topological semigroups and bicompletion
Kwiecinska G. On Lebesgue theorem for multivalued functions of two variables (poster)
Leiderman A. On the spaces of Lipschitz functions
Lipecki Z. Linearly independent perfect sets of large cardinality
Lubitch V. A linearly Lindelöf non-Lindelöf space from a good PCF scale
Lutzer D. Recent progress in ordered spaces
Machura M. Continuous functions coupling with almost contained
Macias S. Arcwise accessibility in hyperspaces
Macías-Romero F. On span and other classes of continua
Makai E. Characterization of function classes $C(Y)|X$
Malešič J. Self similar Cantor sets in Euclidean spaces
Marciszewski W. Some recent results on the function spaces $C_p(X)$
Marsh A. Symmetries of wild knots
Martínez de la Vega V. An uncountable collection of compactifications of the ray with remainder pseudo-arc.
Matutu-Mabizela P.P. Stably continuous sigma frames (poster)
McCluskey A. Relative normality within the Sorgenfrey plane
McIntyre D. Topology Dictionary and Topology Encyclopaedia (poster)
Meccariello E. Graph topologies on closed multifunctions, I (poster)
Megrelishvili M. Fragmentability and representations of flows
Michael E. A Survey of J-spaces
Michalewski H. Condensations of function spaces onto compacta
Milan C. Continuous dualities of locally compact modules (enlarged abstract)
Milewski P. On typical parametrizations of n-dimensional compacta on the Cantor set
van Mill J. Another proof of the Open Mapping Principle and applications
Mohamad A.-A. Metrization and sharpe bases
Moniri M. Using nets in Dedekind, monotone, or Scott incomplete ordered fields and definability issues
Morishita K. On Eberlein compactifications of metrizable spaces
Mramor Kosta N. Actions of tori on CW complexes
Mrševic M. Function spaces in Čech closure spaces
Mulazzani M. An intrinsic characterization of p-symmetric Heegaard splittings
Murtinová E. Separation axioms in dense subsets
Nasef A. On upper and lower $\gamma$- irresolute multifunctions
Nikiel J. On $\sigma$-directed inverse systems
Nunez García J. Strongly nuclear groups
Nyikos P. New axioms and techniques in set-theoretic topology
Obersnel F. On Tychonoff-type hypertopologies
Orozco F. Increasing Whithey properties
Paseka J. Morita equivalence for non--commutative topologies
Pasynkov B.A. On homogeneous and Dugundji compacta X with dim X < ind X 
Pelant J. On selections and continuous functions
Pellicer Covarrubias P. On properties of the hyperspaces K(X).
Pestov V. Spaces with metric and measure, topological transformation groups, and Ramsey theory
Piotrowski Z. A solution of a problem of Henriksen and Woods on separate vs. joint continuity
Pol E. On hereditarily indecomposable continua, Henderson compacta and a question of Yohe
Preuss G. A better framework for first countable spaces
Pyrih P. Open problem seminar (poster)
Raines B. Orbits of turning points for maps of finite graphs and inverse limit spaces
Rayburn M.C. Wallman-Frink proximities (poster)
Reed M. Developments in topology and domain theory
Renska M. On rigid hereditarily indecomposable continua.
Repovš D. A survey of geometric topology of polyhedra
Richter G. Exponentiablity for maps means fiberwise core-compactness (enlarged abstract)
Sakai M. Orderability of free topological groups
Sanchez Perez E.A. Weak topologies on asymmetric normed linear spaces.
Sapena A. Uniform continuity in fuzzy metric spaces
Shakhmatov D. Convergence properties of topological groups
Shapiro L. Dyadic compacta
Shishkov I.A. Selections of mappings with collectionwise normal and continuum-paracompact domain
Sipacheva O. Topological solvability of equations over groups
Šlapal J. A digital analogy of the Jordan curve theorem (enlarged abstract)
Smith F.A. Compactification of a set mapped into itself (poster)
Solecki S. Borel equivalence relations and topology
Šostak A. On some L-valued categories related to topology
Soukup L. Cardinal sequences od scattered spaces
Sousa L. Pushout stability of embeddings, injectivity and categories of algebras
Spakowski A. On lower semicontinuous multifunctions i quasi-uniform spaces (enlarged abstract)
van der Steeg B. Model-theoretic continuum theory
Strauss D. Multiplication in WAP(N) and SAP(N)
Tkachenko M. R-factorizable groups and P-groups
Tkachuk V. Lindelöf $\Sigma$-spaces and $C_p$-theory: recent achievements.
Todorčevic S. Chain-condition methods in topology
Trnková V. Quasiorders on topological categories
Tuncali H.M. On dimensionally restricted maps
Turzanski M. A combinatorial lemma for a symmetric triangulation of the sphere $S^2$
Urbaniec P. Topological games and iterates of multifunctions
Uspenskiy V. Compactifications of topological groups
Valov V. Dense families of selections and finite-dimensional spaces
Vaughan J. Examples of linearly stratifiable spaces
Watson S. Applying trees of finite approximations of elementary submodels to topology
Williams S. Topologies on infinite products
Windels B. Quantifying domains
Yajima Y. Covering properties and various products
Yakivchik A. Around Katětov theorems on products
Yamazaki K. Weak C-embedding and products with a compact factor
Yaschenko I. On spaces with topology determined by almost closed sets
Zeberski S. Nonstandard proofs of Eggelston like theorems
Zhitomirski G. Topologically complete representations of inverse semigroups
Zindulka O. (poster)