Lectures & Tutorials

  • For PhD and MSc students. Spring 2020/2021
  • Where & when = Zoom (link sent via MS Teams), Mondays, 13:10-15:30.
  • Prosím zájemce o výuku v LS 20/21 o napsání emailu na pavelka@karlin.mff.cuni.cz.
    Who is interested to participate, please write me an email. Thank you.
  • Language: Czech or English
  • Requirements for the exam: To pass thee exam you should understand the fundamental parts of the theory.
  • Requirements for the tutorials: To pass the tutorials you should solve the homework problems and pass the test.
  • Some content is based on our book.
  • The Julia parts are based on lectures of Jürgen Fuhrmann (WIAS).


  1. 1.3., 8.3.: Levels of description. Entropy, principle of maximum entropy (MaxEnt), microcanonical, canonical, grand-canonical distributions, fermions, bosons.
  2. 15.3., 22.3.: Liouville entropy, Boltzmann entropy, entropy of ideal gas, thermodynamic potentials, Legendre tranformations, functional derivatives, chemical potential
  3. 29.3., 5.4., 12.4.: Entropy for binary mixtures, thermodynamic potentials for ideal mixture. Activities. Adsorption, Langmuir isotherm.
  4. 19.4.: Heat, work and approach to equilibrium. Electrostatics (capacitor, Debye screening) and electrodynamics
  5. 26.4., 3.5.: Compressible fluid mechanics. Electrodynamics of charged fluids. Reduction of electrodynamics of charged fluids to mechanical equilibrium, electrochemical potential. Electrochemical reactions. Introduction to Julia.
  6. 10.5., 17.5.: Electrodynamics and mixtures. Maxwell-Stefan interdiffusion equations. Finite volume method. Jürgen Fuhrmann's package VoronoiFVM.
  7. 24.5., 31.5.: Modeling of fuel cells.