Coauthors JJC, PK and PP form a Team.

The common work of the Team concerning
"Examples in Continuum Theory"
is called a Project.

The Team agrees with the following:

1) Every member of the Team is free to work on the Project
as long as he wants. No member of the Team can be fired (pushed out).

2) Every member of the Team is free to leave it.
Leaving the Team the member gives the authorship property
of his part of the Project to the rest members of the Team.
The rest of the Team is free to continue the Project
and consider the Project as the ownership
of the rest members of the Team.

3) The Project has 3 equal coauthors from the authorship point of view.

4) The goal of the Project is to build a collection of examples
in Continuum theory, which will be open to its further neverending life.
The members of the Team suppose that the Project will be continued
by new members of the Team and so on till the end of Time.

6) The Project will be always freely accessible for the Continuum Theory
community (e.g. Topology Atlas) in an electronic form (Internet).

7) The Team will organize its effort to prepare a reasonable large
collection of examples in years 2000-2002 and publish it in 2003 (or sooner) 
as a Book with number of coauthors at most 4.

8) The Book should be published either
as a printed book in some classical publishing house
at least as an electronically published book somewhere.

9) The Book is supposed to be published from time to time as
Examples in Continuum Theory, version 1
Examples in Continuum Theory, version 2

10) The Team acts according to the majority decision.

11) The Project is time consuming.

12) The Project is interesting enough to work on it.

13) Continuum Theory is wonderful :-)