Spring school
Department of Algebra

Jičín, 23rd March to 26th March 2023


Contact e-mail skolavprirode@karlin.mff.cuni.cz

Registration survey:

  • Name:
  • E-mail:
  • Do I have any special dietary requirements?
  • If I am PhD student, do I want to give a lecture? (Lecture is obligatory for master and bachelor students)
  • Do I prefer to give a lecture in the morning or in the afternoon? (We will try to take your preferences into account, but it may not be possible)
  • Do I want to talk on my own topic, or do I want to be assigned a topic? (For questions about the topic of your lecture please contact Michael Kompatscher, more information about the lectures is below)
  • I do/do not mind having lecture in english.
  • How long do I want my lecture: 25/40 minutes (+ 5 minutes for discussion)

The registration fee is 800,- Kč, the price includes accommodation and meals (starting on Thursday dinner, ending with Sunday breakfast).

The application need to be submitted until February 24th.

We will send you details of how to pay the registration fee after you have submitted your application.

The spring school is financially supported by the SVV project.

Participants lectures

Program will consist of 25 or 40 minutes long lectures given by participants on various topics. Lectures and discussions will be held in English, exceptionally in Czech (ask on skolavprirode@karlin.mff.cuni.cz if you insist on that). Lectures are obligatory for bachelor and master students. You can choose your topic yourself, but it is necessary to have your topic approved by Michael Kompatscher (kompatscher@karlin.mff.cuni.cz). The other option is to have the topic assigned, in that case, please contact your favourite teacher or consult it with Michael Kompatscher. Ask him any question related to the topic of your lecture. Any other questions please send to the email of the school (skolavprirode@karlin.mff.cuni.cz). Every lecturer have to prepare short (5 to 10 lines) abstract to his lecture in advance (plain text, you can use basic LaTeX commands.)

Presentation equipment

There will be a notebook with at least: TeX, AdobeAcrobat and LibreOffice (possibly Mathematica). There will be data projector, flip chart and markers. We recommend preparing slides in PDF format.


Organizational team

Ježil Ondřej

Ježil Ondřej

Narusevych Mykyta

Narusevych Mykyta

List of participants

Employees of KA
    Stanovský David
    Kala Vítězslav
    Daans Nicolas
    Ferguson Thomas
    Kompatscher Michael
    Gil-Muñoz Daniel
    Barto Libor
    Slávik Alexandr
    Hang Man Siu
    Příhoda Pavel
    Dvořák Josef
Visitors and graduates
    Gajović Stevan
    Vráblíková Jana
    Šebek Marcel
    Surý Pavel
    Kazda Alexandr
    Kechlibar Marian
    Christov Adam
    Parýzková Zuzana
    Semanišinová Žaneta
    Battistelli Diego
    Onduš Daniel
    Tinková Magdalena
    Krokhin Andrei
Students of MFF UK
    Tížková Bára
    Krasula Dominik
    Dunina Daria
    Ježil Ondřej
    Narusevych Mykyta
    Ken Eitetsu
    Filipi Filip
    Menčík Matouš
    Beďatš Daniel
    Krásenský Jakub
    Jankovec Filip
    Spaggiari Filippo
    Kapytka Maryia
    Antić Todor
    Fukova Kateřina
    Grego Maroš
    Asimi Kristina
    Yan Alina
    Černý Jan
    Vítek Tomáš
    Koreček Martin
    Středa Adolf
    Med Ondřej
    Sedláček Petr

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