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For the last two years or so I have been using my bike for travelling from my home to work and back. Between Bohnice and Karlín it is possible to ride almost entirely along cycling paths, and the portions along the banks of the river are among the best places for biking in Prague. Over time I tried now and then other, usually less beautiful and less safe routes. I'll collect here several links or contacts that can be useful for a novice biker in Prague:

Kola Vladyka - A good and inexpensive repair shop run by two very old-fashioned repairsmen. First when they commented on my bike I felt like I brought there a seriously ill relative :-) But then they repaired it replacing almost everything except the frame for just as much as 2000 CZK. They also sell bikes.

Praha cyklistická - The official web on cycling in Prague, has English version, contains map of cycling routes with comments on steep or dangerous places

Mapa Prahou na kole - An independent on-line map for cycling in Prague, describes conditions for cycling on much more streets and unofficial routes than the official map

Fórum Cyklostavby - A discussion forum (in Czech) on cycling paths that are being built.

BikeCounter - On-line data from automated counters of bikers on several spots in Prague

BikeAsylum - Never tried this but looks like an interesting project. They will probably speak English and will be able to provide advice on biking in Prague.

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