Some Trends in Algebra 2013

A conference on module theory and its relations to algebraic geometry, category theory,
commutative algebra, homotopy theory, logic, and representation theory.

Prague, September 3.9. - 6.9. 2013

Conference e-mail :

School of Mathematics, Fac.Math.Phys., Charles University, Prague 8, Karlin

The conference is supported by the Eduard Cech Institute and by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, project no. 201/09/0816.

Invited Speakers

Silvana Bazzoni (University of Padova)
Daniel Herden (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Steffen Koenig (University of Stuttgart)
Andrew Mathas (University of Sydney)
Mike Prest (University of Manchester)
Jiri Rosicky (Masaryk University)
Jan Stovicek (Charles University)

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