Some Trends in Algebra 2017

A conference on module theory and its relations to algebraic geometry, category theory,
commutative algebra, homotopy theory, logic, and representation theory.


Talk title
Melis Tekin Akçin
Recent Developments on Universal Modules
Lidia /Angeleri Hügel
Pedro Antonio Guil Asensio
Phantom maps in Grothendieck categories
Simion Breaz
Equivalences induced by silting modules
Magdalena Boos
The U-invariant ring of the nilpotent cone
Ivo Dell'Ambrogio
A categorification of the representation theory of finite groups
Gabriella D'Este
Quivers, representations of algebras and beyond
Sergio Estrada
Very flat modules and sheaves
José Gómez-Torrecillas
Mohammad Mueenul Hasnain
Importants of Derivations in Rings and Nearrings
Michal Hrbek
Manuel Cortés Izurdiaga
When are Χ-periodic modules trivial?
Miroslav Korbelář
Homomorphic images of subdirectly irreducible rings
Thomas Kucera
Fosco Loregian
Elementary observations on the formal category theory of derivators
Bogdan-Daniel Moldovan
On the Davenport constant
Gabriel Navarro
Flaviu Pop
Jiří Rosický
Internal sizes in accessible categories
Adam-Christiaan van Roosmalen
Wide subcategories of uniserial categories and noncrossing partitions
Alexander Slávik
Flat morphisms of finite presentation are very flat
Jan Šaroch
On a nice behaviour of Gorenstein injective and Gorenstein flat modules over a general ring
Jan Šťovíček
When is the heart of a t-structure a Grothendieck category?
Constantin-Cosmin Todea
On Hochschild cohomology of blocks of finite group algebras
Jan Trlifaj
Locality for quasi-coherent sheaves associated with tilting