Calculating with quandles

Here you can find supplementary materials, mostly programs in GAP, related to our papers on quandles.

Alexander Hulpke, David Stanovský, Petr Vojtěchovský, Connected quandles and transitive groups, submitted.

Přemysl Jedlička, Agata Pilitowska, David Stanovský, Anna Zamojska-Dzienio, The structure of medial quandles, to appear in J. Algebra.

Andrew Fish, Alexei Lisitsa, David Stanovský, A combinatorial approach to knot recognition, submitted.

Diane Donovan, Terry Griggs, Thomas McCourt, Jakub Opršal, David Stanovský, Distributive and anti-distributive Mendelsohn triple systems, submitted.

(yes, these things are also quandles!)