Helena Švihlová

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We have the borders where we decide to have them.

I am a researcher at Mathematical Institute
at the Charles University.

I am interested in computational fluid dynamics,
physiological flows modelling
and computer simulations in context of
two biomechanical applications,
flow in cerebral aneurysms and flow in stenotic valves.

Email: helena.svihlova@mff.cuni.cz
Phone: +420 22191 3413
Office address: Mathematical Institute, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Sokolovská 83, 186 75 Prague, Czech Republic

Current projects:
1, Wall influence on flow in geometries representing stenotic valves
2, Ruptured aneurysms - hemodynamic parameters on the rupture point
3, Numerical simulation of the flow in 20 middle cerebral aneurysms
4, Pressure determination in patient-specific geometries
5, Mesh protocol for patient specific geometries

The impact of boundary slip conditions on vortex formation and vorticity in aortic flow simulations VPH conference slice, online, Aug. 2020.
Interpretation of the magnetic resonance data and their use in computational fluid dynamics - Seminar Modelling of materials, Prague, Mar. 2020.
Computational fluid dynamics in cerebral aneurysms: our experience - ENUMATH, Egmond aan Zee, Oct. 2019, MMP Hradec Kralove, Sept. 2019.
Data-driven approach to pressure determination in valves and arteries - CIVIL-COMP-OPT, Riva del Garda, Sept. 2019.
Jeden den s matematickym modelovanim - Jeden den s matematikou a informatikou, popularni prednaska, Praha, Febr. 2019.

Helena Švihlová