Basic Information

o Place, travel information

The conference place The village of Paseky lies on the slopes of the Krkonose ("The Giant") Mountains, in the North Bohemia. Accommodation consists of rooms for two or three people. There are good facilities and conditions for sporting activities, in particular hiking. Mini-golf and football players will be satisfied, too. There is a billiard room inside the hotel, sauna and fitness rooms are available as well. A special bus from Prague to Paseky and back is a part of the conference service.

For more information on the place and its exact location see the "How to get to Paseky" page.

o Conference fee

The conference fee which covers full board (breakfast, lunch without drinks, dinner without drinks), conference materials, accommodation, and transport between Prague and Paseky amounts to
350 EURO
per participant.

The payment should be made preferably by the direct bank transfer. It is also possible to pay by cheque, especially in the case you are interested in paying the equivalent of 455 USD. These payments shoud be made before June 10, 2005. See more details below.

o Paying the fee

The first possibility of paying the fee is to use the direct bank transfer to the account with the folowing data:

 account name:           Univerzita Karlova v Praze
 account number:         01256280/0300 
 variable symbol:        306 60 5006 
 address of the bank:

     Na Porici 24
     115 20 Praha 1
     Czech Republic 
 S.W.I.F.T. code: CEKOCZPP
 IBAN: CZ0803001712800107912843
The participants are asked to write the complete account name and number (including variable symbol) and the name and address of the bank in the payment order. All payments must be free of bank charges to the receiver, i.e., all bank charges for effecting the international money transfer must be met by the remitter.

Alternatively, you can pay your conference fee in advance by cheque, bearing the designation "Fluid Mechanics" and participant's name. This cheque should be made payable and sent to the organizers (click on the link "Organizers" above) before June 10, 2005.

In case of any problem that could make your participation impossible please inform us immediately.

We would appreciate if you choose the variant for the payment of fee and specify it in on the on-line registration page, or let us know about it i.e. by email.

o Online registration

In case you are interested in participating at the school, you can register online (click on the "Registration" above) to the conference. You can also check the list of people, who have already registered (click on the "Particiapants" above). It could happen, however, that the registration script will not work on your machine for some reasons. In that case please send an email to, and we will send you the Registration Form by email. The deadline for registration is June 10, 2005.

o Papers and Preprints

Paperboxes in the conference place It is more or less a tradition to organize an "Exhibition of articles of participants" during the school. For that reason it would be appreciated if you do not forget to bring along preprints/reprints of your work (not necessarily recent) to Paseky. Everybody will get a "mailbox" (see picture) in the conference place, where he/she can exhibit his/her papers/books to make them accessible for other participants during the conference time.

o Short communications

The participants of the conference can present their results in a form of a (very) short communication. We expect that the length of these communications will be (according to their number) set to 10-15 minutes. The participants can use overhead projector or data projector, which are going to be available at the place.

o Visa

If you need an official letter of a special kind to confirm your participation or you have any queries please contact us.

In particular, it is important to check whether you need or don't need visa to enter Czech Republic. Please contact us immediately in case this is true, and you need some special letter from us.