Winter School


The expenses (which cover acomodation, board, bus an the conference fee) are the following:

Single room ............. 17400 CZK (=740 EUR)
Double room ............. 14200 CZK (=610 EUR)
In case that you prefer accommodation in a single room let us know.
The number of rooms is limited.

It is NOT possible to pay in cash on the spot. We are NOT able to accept credit cards or cheques. Payment by a bank transfer is the only possibility, please, contact us by e-mail.

Prague - Sněžné and back - a special bus

A special bus from Prague to Sněžné and back is a part of the conference service.

The special bus from Prague leaves on Saturday, January 7, 2023 at 16:00. The place of the departure will be in front of the building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Sokolovská street 83 (metro station Křižíkova - line "B"). On January 7, the building of the faculty will be open since 12:00, so the participants will be able to leave their luggage at the faculty during the day.

The arrival to Prague is expected on Saturday, January 14, 2023 at about 14:00. The participants can get out either at the Main Railway Station or at the Faculty building. There is a direct public bus from the Main Railway Station to the airport (AE Bus - Airport Express) each half an hour, the trip should take 45 minutes.

How to reach the faculty building from the airport

If you will not use the special bus (e.g., if you come by car), please let us know by e-mail.

Location of the conference

OREA Resort Devět Skal in Sněžné in Czech Republic, see Resort Devět Skal .

Contributed talks

In addition to invited series of lectures, there will be contributed talks given by other participants. These talks are usually 20-30 minutes long. The programme will be fixed at the beginning of the conference. It will be possible to use a blackboard/whiteboard and a dataprojector.

Presentation of papers

A special place will be assigned for a presentation of papers of participants. In case you are interested, please, bring your papers and preprints.

Open problems session

It is a good tradition that there is an open problem session. If you have some suitable problem, you may shortly present it during this session.

Information for vegetarians

In case you prefer vegetarian food, please, inform us beforehand by e-mail.

Information for drivers

If you are coming by car and so you will not use the special bus, please let us know.


A wireless network will be available.