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Office Address:

  Josef Málek
  Charles University
  Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  Mathematical Institute
  Sokolovská 83
  186 75 Prague 8
  Czech Republic

  Tel: +420 951 553 220

Research fields:

  • partial differential equations
  • fluid mechanics and related topics

List of publications:

  • Web of Science
  • MathSciNet
  • Orcid
  • Scopus
  • Google Scholar

See also the list of publications.


  • J. Málek and Z. Strakoš: Preconditioning and the Conjugate Gradient Method in the Context of Solving PDEs, SIAM Spotlight Series, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2015, viii+104p. ISBN: 978-1-611973-83-9. Review in SIAM Review, 58-2 by Andy Wathen, 2016. Review in MathReviews, MR3307335, by Elena Pelikan, 2016.

  • J. Málek, J. Nečas, M. Rokyta, M. Růžička: Weak and measure-valued solutions to evolutionary PDEs. Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Computation, 13., Chapman & Hall, London, 1996, xii+317p. ISBN: 0-412-57750-X. Review in MathSciNet by Vladimir V. Shelukhin.