Algebra colloquium

It takes place on Thursdays 15:40 at K3.


Algebra colloquia are designed for master's and doctoral students, and the faculty. The aim is to offer a platform for researchers to present their own results or current trends in their area of interest in a way that is easy to understand for non-experts.

Colloquia talks will have 45 minutes and will be followed by questions and informal discussions (and cookies, in non-covid times :) ). Everyone is most welcome to attend, including people from other departments. The colloquium is co-organized by Zuzka and Víťa. If you want to give a talk, please, let one of us know.

Please note that a colloquium talk should be much more accessible than a usual seminar talk. If we asked you to give a talk, please at least read the brief information given here (of course, their specific local information doesn't apply :) ) If you want, a little longer guide to read is here. We do try to keep our colloquia accessible to students, so feel free to discuss your plans for the talk with us in advance, we're happy to help you gauge the correct level for the talk. But also, please don't be surprised or offended if we ask you to make changes to your abstract after you send it to us.