EVEQ 2008

International Summer School on Evolution Equations, Prague, Czech Republic, 16.–20. 6. 2008

Basic info

What is EVEQ

EVEQ 2008 is a summer school on evolution equations. It is organized by the Charles University, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences as the activity of the Jindřich Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling.

There have been already six EVEQ conferences at several places of the Czech Republic or former Czechoslovakia since 1984 till 2004, constituting a tradition we would like to pursue. EVEQ 2008 will be held in Prague, 16 June – 20 June 2008 in the lecture halls of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University.

Organizing committee Scientific committee
Eduard Feireisl (head)
Miroslav Bulíček (executive organizer, contact)
Josef Málek
Šárka Nečasová
Hana Petzeltová
Dalibor Pražák
Ivan Straškraba
Pavel Krejčí (head)
Eduard Feireisl
Maurizio Grasselli
Konrad Gröger
Alain Miranville

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