EVEQ 2012

International Summer School on Evolution Equations, Prague, Czech Republic, 9.–13. 7. 2012


Basically you have two options: you can find an accommodation by yourself, or you can ask us to book you a room in a university campus. Please do not forget to tick off the right field in the registration form.

Campus accomodation

We are able to reserve only limited number of rooms, so we recommend you to register as soon as possible to make sure that there will be a free room available. When we reserve accommodation for you, you will be send a confirmation email.

There are many other dormitories in Prague, see this webpage. If you are looking for accommodation for a group of students or a cheaper accommodation this is a good option. You can book a room independently, or we can try to find you accommodation in one of these dormitories. If you want us to do so, please write it into the comment field in the registration form and/or contact Miroslav Bulíček and explain your needs.

Private accomodation

There are plenty of hotels and hostels in Prague, you can try to find a suitable accommodation here.

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