Mixtures: Modeling, analysis and computing

Prague, Czech Republic, 5th–7th February 2025

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About the conference

European Mathematical Society

In 2023 the European Mathematical Society (EMS) called for formation of topical activity groups (EMS-TAG) and in 2024 we established one---the topical activity group Mixtures. The objective of the topical activity group Mixtures is to provide a platform that will allow its members to, well, mix ideas about mixtures, including

The conference Mixtures: Modeling, analysis and computing should give attendees the opportunity to present their work and meet their peers in person. Each participant is expected to give a short talk on his/her work--we see the conference as the networking event in the mixtures community. Besides that we shall spent some time on internal affairs (TAG chair election).

Funding for the conference is partially provided by the Donatio Universitatis Carolinæ Chair Research Support grant awarded to professor Patrick E. Farrell.


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