Modelling, partial differential equations analysis and computational mathematics in material sciences

Prague, Czech Republic, 23rd–28th September 2024

Basic info

At the conference, recent mathematical results in continuum mechanics will be presented. The common aim is to make physical materials meaningful mathematical objects, which as such can be used to artificially replicate their behaviour. For that four complementary subjects will be discussed by experts in

Here some emphasis is put on the central partial differential equations analysis part. Accordingly intended is one modelling plenary lecture in each subject combined with one computational lecture and two partial differential equations analysis lectures. By that it is aimed to illuminate current progress and objectives in different fields; further to provide a platform where mathematical observations, physical concepts and computational challenges can be compared; and to reveal and evaluate the value of the research of these otherwise separated disciplines for each other.

Funding for the conference is partially provided by the grants Mathematical analysis of partial differential equations describing far-from-equilibrium open systems in continuum thermodynamics (principal investigator Miroslav Bulíček) and Centre of analysis and numerics for fluid-structure interactions (principal investigator Sebastian Schwarzacher).


Scientific committee

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