Regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic systems and problems in continuum mechanics

Telč, Czech Republic, 12.–15. 9. 2022


All presentations and lectures given at the conference are available for download below. (The password has been sent by the organisers.) Lectures are ordered as in the conference programme.

Speaker Lecture
Domenico Mucci Micro-slip-induced multiplicative plasticity: existence of energy minimizers
Lenka Slavı́ková Fractional Orlicz-Sobolev embeddings
Emilio Acerbi Stable periodic arrangements arising from nonlocal energies
Michal Lasica Bounds on singularity of minimizers of Rudin-Osher-Fatemi type functionals
Michael Bildhauer Properties of smooth solutions to the $g$-surface equation
Buddhika Priyasad Sembukutti Liyanage Maximal $L^p$ -regularity for an abstract evolution with applications to closed-loop boundary feedback control problems
Daniel Lear Claveras Unidirectional flocks in Collective Dynamics
Miroslav Bulı́ček Stability of equilibria to generalized Navier–Stokes–Fourier system
Gilles A. Francfort Regularity and rigidity of the stress field in Von Mises plasticity
Yasemin Şengül Stability in nonlinear viscoelasticity via monodromy
Josef Málek On rate-type viscoelastic fluids with stress diffusion and their large-data analysis
Emil Wiedemann Weak and measure-valued solutions of the Euler equations
Milan Pokorný Continuity equation and vacuum regions in compressible flows
Anna Abbatiello The Oberbeck-Boussinesq system with non-local boundary conditions
Pablo Alexei Gazca Orozco Numerical approximation of fluids with semismooth implicitly
Giuseppe Mingione Hopf, Caccioppoli and Schauder, reloaded
Cristiana De Filippis Quasiconvexity meets nonlinear potential theory
Anna Kh.Balci Variational problems and Lavrentiev gap in partial Sobolev spaces of differential forms

Photographs taken during the conferece can be downloaded here. (The password has been sent by the organisers.)

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