12th Workshop on Stochastic Geometry,
Stereology and Image Analysis

Prague, Czech Republic
August 25-29, 2003

General Information
Social programme
Czech Republic and Prague

The conference programme will consist of 40 minutes presentations (30 minutes talk + discussion). The lectures take place in the hall T1. An overhead projector and a data projector (also a blackboard and chalk) will be available in the lecture hall. Internet access will be available to participants in the Computer Room and the Computer Area.

Monday, August 25
9:30 Opening
9:40--12:501st Session, chairman L. Heinrich
9:40--10:20 E. SPODAREV: Spatial extrapolation of anisotropic road traffic data
10:20--11:00 H. LE: An alternative approach to (reflection) shape analysis
11:00--11:30 Coffee break
11:30--12:10 W. NAGEL: Estimation of the Euler-Poincaré characteristic in digitized images
12:10--12:50 M. KIDERLEN: Estimation of the oriented rose of normal directions from voxel images
13:00 Lunch
14:40--17:502nd Session, chairman I. Molchanov
14:40--15:20 S. BOEHM: Asymptotic tests for the volume fraction of stationary random sets
15:20--16:00 M. GARCÍA-FINANA: Asymptotic distribution of estimators under systematic sampling
16:00--16:30 Coffee break
16:30--17:10 L. HEINRICH: Asymptotic Gaussianity of scaled empirical K-functions
17:10--17:50 L. KLEBANOV: Computer tomography
18:00--20:00 Welcome party
Tuesday, August 26
9:00--12:103rd Session, chairman W. Weil
9:00--9:40 F. BALLANI: On the second order product density of the surface measure induced by a random closed set
9:40--10:20 A. GOKHALE: Stereological constraints on n-point correlation functions
10:20--10:50 Coffee break
10:50--11:30 D. STOYAN: On second-order characteristics of random structures and their estimation
11:30--12:10 R. VITALE: Convex geometry and Gaussian processes
12:20 Lunch
14:30--17:404th Session, chairman T. Mattfeldt
14:30--15:10 R. TURNER: Strauss revisited: using cumulants to fit models to spatial point patterns
15:10--15:50 T. MRKVIČKA: Optimization of linear, unbiased estimators of point process intensity
15:50--16:20 Coffee break
16:20--17:00 M. PROKE©OVÁ: Statistical inference for locally scaled point processes
17:00--17:40 S. MASE: The threshold method for marked point processes on Rn
17:45--18:45Poster Session
Wednesday, August 27
9:00--12:105th Session, chairman D. Stoyan
9:00--9:40 I. FERNÁNDEZ: The symmetric stochastic order
9:40--10:20 I. MOLCHANOV: Link-save trading and pricing of contingent claims
10:20--10:50 Coffee break
10:50--11:30 G. LAST: Characterization of convexity in the planar Boolean model
11:30--12:10 W. WEIL: Boolean models with compact grains
12:20 Lunch
14:30--17:406th Session, chairman P. Blackwell
14:30--15:10 P. CALKA: The distribution of the smallest disk containing the Poisson-Voronoi typical cell
15:10--15:50 J. RATAJ: Estimating the Euler number from projections of thin slabs
15:50--16:20 Coffee break
16:20--17:00 V. SCHMIDT, E. SPODAREV: Joint estimator for the specific inner volumes of stationary random sets
17:00--17:40 T. SCHREIBER: Mixing properties for polygonal Markov fields in the plane
Thursday, August 28
9:00--12:107th Session, chairman R. Turner
9:00--9:40 P. BLACKWELL: Bayesian analysis of deformed tessellation models
9:40--10:20 M. TANEMURA: Adjustment model of Voronoi cells
10:20--10:50 Coffee break
10:50--11:30 A. MICHELETTI: Birth-and-growth processes and densities of N-facets of random tessellations
11:30--12:10 M. PAVLICOVÁ: Spatial Statistics and FMRI
12:20 Lunch
15:00--18:00Excursion (Petřín, Strahov)
18:30--22:30Conference Dinner
Friday, August 29
9:00--12:108th Session, chairman R. Vitale
9:00--9:40 J. PICKA: Identification of orientation in sphere packings
9:40--10:20 Y. ISOKAWA: Random sequential packing of rods
10:20--10:50 Coffee break
10:50--11:30 K. SANDAU: The chord length transformation and applications
11:30--12:10 J. CHADOEUF: Testing Poisson assumptions and mapping intensity with semi-rarefied sampling
12:20 Lunch
14:30--17:009th Session, chairman H. Gundersen
14:30--15:10 T. MATTFELDT: Statistical analysis of planar point processes observed on freeze fracture specimens
15:10--15:50 D. WULFSOHN: Volume estimation from projections
15:50--16:20 Coffee break
16:20--17:00 G. MALETTI: Change detection in registered Psoriasis lesions image patterns