Why only a day?

Originally, this event was common for all doctoral students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and it took one week wherefore it was given the name WDS (Week of Doctoral Students). This name was kept also after splitting this event to the three schools of our faculty. However, at the School of Mathematics, we were always able to make it in one day during the past years and hence, starting from this year, we decided to use the name DDS (Day of Doctoral Students). In this year, that day is June 10, 2021 and in view of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the DDS will be organized online for the first time. The registration for DDS is open already now - please register by May 23, 23:59. It is not necessary to send abstracts of your talks as a part of the registration, these will be needed one week later. For more details on registration and the organization of DDS, see the link "Guidelines".

The DDS will be organized via the Zoom platform, Meeting ID: 958 6585 2005
To obtain the passcode, please send an e-mail to the address knobloch@karlin.mff.cuni.cz.

What is DDS-M?

Like in the previous years, the purpose of the event is to present the topics of the doctoral research at the School of Mathematics to both younger students and older colleagues and staff members. DDS-M consists of lectures presented by PhD students. Depending on the current situation, the lectures will be organized either online or in a lecture hall using a data projector and/or a black board. Our aim is that DDS-M is not just an exercise of presenting results and something obligatory which each doctoral student should pass, but to make it an event where students and possibly also the researchers and teachers from the whole School of Mathematics come to find out what our doctoral students are working on.


  • dear PhD students, come to show your younger colleagues what you are interested in, maybe you will help them to make decision about their future research;
  • dear master (but also even younger) students, come and see what your colleagues are doing during their doctoral studies, maybe you will be captivated by some of the topics;
  • last but not least: dear colleagues/teachers, you also might be interested in what our students are doing.

Organizers and support

The main organizer of DDS-M is School of Mathematics, but a significant portion of the co-organization work comes from the local SIAM Student Chapter. The venue is also supported by the Student Chamber of the Academic Senate of the Faculty (SKAS).

Updated by Petr Knobloch on June 3, 2021