Arnošt Komárek

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Arnošt Komárek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Statistics
Dept. of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University in Prague
Sokolovská 83
CZ-186 75 Praha 8–Karlín
Czech Republic
E-mail: arnost.komarek[AT]mff.cuni.cz


Past chair of the Statistical Modelling Society. SMS logo
Editor of Statistical Modelling: An International Journal
jointly with Brian D. Marx (Louisiana State University)
and Vicente A. Núñez-Antón (Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU).
6 issues per year, published by SAGE Publications.
Impact factor (2019): 1.488, Ranking: 46/124 in Statistics and Probability.
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