Offered projects

Thesis: How does irreversibility emerge from reversible processes?
Motion of classical particles is purely reversible, but their collective behavior is not. Why?
Topic for bachelor, master, or doctoral students.
Contact me if interested.

Supervised students


  • Ondřej Kincl: Ph.D. thesis, Numerical methods and mathematical modelling fit to non-equilibrium thermodynamics, 2020-ongoing
  • Martin Šípka: Ph.D. thesis, Machine learning through geometric mechanics and thermodynamics, 2020-ongoing
  • Martin Sýkora: Ph.D. thesis, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of hyperbolic systems, 2019-ongoing
  • Emil Skříšovský (co-supervisor): Ph.D. thesis, Compressible Navier-Stokes(-Fourier) system meets Maxwell-Stefan equations, 2019-ongoing
  • Diego del Olmo Díaz (co-supervisor): Ph.D. thesis, Modelling and simulation of zinc-air redox-flow batteries, 2019-ongoing
  • Petr Vágner (co-supervisor): Ph.D. thesis, Thermodynamic analysis of solid oxide fuel cells, 2015-2019



  • Kateřina Mladá: Bc. thesis, Geometric integrators, 2020-ongoing?
  • Marek Nováček: Bc. thesis, Thermodynamic modelling of hydrogen fuel cells, 2019-2020