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Hyungeun ShinP4M61Numerical solution of degenerate parabolic equations: A posteriori analysis
Sunčica SakićP4M61Numerical solution of degenerate parabolic equations: A priori analysis
Eda OktayP4M61Mixed Precision Numerical Linear Algebra
Noaman KhanP4M61Inexact preconditioning for iterative methods
Zdeněk SilberP4M33Weak* derived sets
Eva HavelkováP4M62Numerical solution of inverse problems in 3D imaging
Jindřich MichalikP4M82Mathematical Games of Sid Sackson
Jan Niklas LatzP4M91Generalisations of Lloyd-Sudbury dualities for IPS
Petr VacekP4M62Multilevel methods with inexact solver on the coarsest level
Iva KarafiátováP4M91Stochastic methods in microstructure analysis
David CichraP4F111Mathematical models for describing the inelastic response of solids
Hana TurčinováP4M32Fine properties of Sobolev functions in the context of rearrangement-invariant spaces
Michael ZelinaP4M31Hydrodynamic stability for the dynamic slip boundary condition
Jan ScherzP4M32Fluid structure interaction in an incompressible conducting fluid
Ana RadosevicP4F112Uniqueness and regularity results for fluid-structure interaction problems, and related subjects
Manvi GroverP4M33Description of K-spaces by means of J-spaces and the reverse problem in the limiting real interpolation.
Martin SýkoraP4F112Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of hyperbolic systems
Lukáš VacekP4M63Theory and numerical solution of traffic flow models
Petr VejmělkaP4M92Stochastic approaches to reserving in non-life insurance
Jakub FaraP4F111Fluid-structure interaction: non-standard interface conditions
Alena JarolímováP4F111Variational Data Assimilation in Computational Haemodynamics
Jakub ŘadaP4M82Walking through a wall using 4D space
Dorota ŠimonováP4M62Exact Lanczos algorithm
Ondřej TýblP4M92Stabilization of stochastic equations by noise with jumps

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