Advanced regression models (NMST432), exercise class

Arnošt Komárek


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Advanced regression models (NMST432), exercise class

Summer semester 2020–21

SIS pages of the course:    ENG    CZE


Lectures: Monday 9:00 in K4   
Thursday 9:00 in K3    (doc. Mgr. Michal Kulich, Ph.D.)
Exercise class: Thursday 14:00 in K11   


Until further notice, the exercise class will run through ZOOM, mostly fully on-line (live) on Thursdays from 14:00. The link to connect to the session will be sent to enrolled students via e-mail. To make the lecture as interactive as possible, students are kindly asked to connect to the sessions with their cameras being ON. All teaching materials will be published here.


Problem 1:    Assignment (pdf)    NELS Data, Northeast (RData)    Assigned on March 4
NELS Data Codebook (pdf)    Deadline March 18  (06:59, CET)
R script (R)   
Problem 2:    Assignment (pdf)    mp Data (RData)    Assigned on March 5
R script (R)    Deadline April 1 (06:59, CEST)
Some explanation (PDF)       
Problem 3:    Assignment (pdf)    iev Data (RData)    Assigned on April 1
R script (R)    Deadline April 15  (06:59, CEST)
Problem 4:    Assignment with hints (pdf)    nels Data (RData)    Assigned on April 15
R script 1 (R)    Deadline May 3 (06:59, CEST)
R script 2 (R)       
Some notes 1 (PDF)       
Some notes 2 (PDF)       
Problem 5:    Assignment (pdf)    toenail Data (ASCII)    Assigned on May 6
R script (R)    Deadline May 13 (06:59, CEST)
Exercise:    R script 1 (R)    R script 2 (R)    Assigned on May 13
Problem 6:    Assignment (pdf)    implant Data (RData)    Assigned on May 20
R script (R)    Deadline: June 2 (06:59, CEST)
Exercise:    R script (R)    toenail Data (ASCII)    Assigned on June 1
(Binary longitudinal data, GLMM analysis) illustrative plot (PDF)    No deadline (this is a tutorial exercise)
Some R functions:    plotLMMres.R    wald_lme.R    plotSplines.R   


The course credit for the exercise class will be awarded to the student who hands in a satisfactory solution to each assignment by the prescribed deadline. The nature of these requirements precludes any possibility of additional attempts to obtain the exercise class credit.


Link functions for binary data   


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