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Exercise 1 (2-9th November)

Exercise 2 (9-16th November)

Exercise 3 (16-23rd November)

Exercise 4 (23-30th November)

  • HELD ON-LINE on 22nd November at 14:30!!! No exercise class on the next Tuesday in K11!!!
  • Topic: Confidence intervals and bands for survival function
  • Dataset: km_all.RData
  • Assignment: Compute and plot [KM] estimates including Hall-Werner bands. Perform short (or long if you wish) simulation study.
  • Deadline: Tuesday 30th November 9:00

Exercise 5 (30th November - 7th December)

  • Topic: Testing equality of censored distributions
  • Datasets: km_all.RData
  • Assignment: Calculate and plot [KM], [NA] estimates and smoothed estimator of hazard function when differentiating different groups. Perform two-sample tests and decide (based on the plots) which test statistic would be the most appropriate.
  • Deadline: Tuesday 7th December 9:00

Exercise 6 (7-14th December)

  • Topic: The choice of two-sample test statistic
  • Datasets: data(veteran), nurshome
  • Assignment: Fill table of appropriateness of different weights in two-sample survival tests in different situations. Perform several real data analyses and simulation study.
  • Deadline: Tuesday 14th December 9:00

Exercise 7 (14th December - 4th January)

  • HELD ON-LINE on 14th December at 14:00!!! See e-mail for the ZOOM link.
  • Topic: Building Cox models for censored data (constant covariates)
  • Dataset: pbc dataset from library(survival)
  • Assignment: Perform exploratory analysis focused on the influence of covariates on the survival probability. Build a reasonable Cox model (starting from simple univariate models). Compare your final Cox model to your final model from Exercise 1.
  • Deadline: Tuesday 4th January 9:00

Bonus Exercise (21st December)

  • HELD ON-LINE on 21st December at 14:00!!! See e-mail for the ZOOM link.
  • Topic: Generalizations of the Cox model
  • Dataset: pbc and cgd datasets from library(survival)
  • Assignment: None, just admire what else could be done with the Cox model.

Exercise 8 (4-11th January)

  • Topic: Time-varying covariates in the Cox model
  • Dataset: jasa and heart dataset from library(survival)
  • Assignment: Try to reproduce heart dataset from jasa. Build and interpret Cox model with covariate indicating the time of heart transplantation and other fixed covariates. Does transplantation help patients to survive longer? Plot estimated survival functions.
  • Deadline: Tuesday 18th January 9:00